5 Reasons Why It’s More Difficult For Hot Ladies To Settle Down With A Man


You don’t need a pretty face or a curvy body to make a cute responsible man fall in love with you.

Any man whether responsible or irresponsible, good or bad can get attracted to a curvy pretty chic at instant glance but that is where the danger lies because even when most men are only willing to have a taste of your curves, most outwardly pretty ladies tend to fool themselves with the fact that they are getting attention from many men because indeed that is where it mostly ends. ATTENTION.

Have you ever bothered to ask why the not too outwardly beautiful ladies are getting married quickly and also getting hooked to super cute responsible men while most sweet looking ladies keep jumping from one man to another?

Have you wondered why many ladies with costly Brazilian hair and sophisticated looks keep losing their men to ladies on low cut with simple looks?

Here are some reasons and i hope it makes sense to you all.

Arrogance: The supposed not too beautiful ones with simple looks are humble. submissive, non abusive and level headed while the supposed outwardly beautiful ones can’t just seem to pipe down and be serene with the men in their lives because they always have the subconscious believe that men will always come for them just to realize too late that most of the men that come for them do not actually come for them but for their body and of-course after having their way with them will likely dump them and move on to the next available sweet chic around.

Highest bidder: Many ladies with hot bodies tend to have this subliminal feelings that they are too hot for just any man with little cash to have so they tend to hope for a rich dude to buy them and they unfortunately realize too late that a rich man has enough money to buy as many hot ladies as he can afford and once the guy has spent a ample sum on her if she is lucky to find one, she will be relegated and a new chic will definitely come on board.

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