5 Reasons To Listen To M.I

1) He is good (rather great)– Everyone-and their mama- knows that M.I is a good rapper. OK, everyone knows that M.I Abaga is a great rapper. Since his debut in 2008, M.I has achieved greatness with every project that he has been involved in. His classic Talk About It made non-rap fans start listening to more rap songs. That is greatness on its own. 5 years after he still has the rap game in his palm. From awards, shutting down Alaba and stellar performances M.I is great…probably the greatest.
2) He is king (and Chairman)- M.I is king. M.I is the boss of this rap game. Rappers will come and go but M.I will continue to sit at the throne. He has never fallen off and he always dictates the rap game. He is the proverbial bar that other rappers use to judge themselves. A new style or flow by M.I will quickly become the norm in a matter of months. His flow is so regal and his demeanor on the mic is so royal that other rappers have no choice to bow down in the presence of greatness.
3) Perfect track record- M.I has an impeccable track record. The short black boy has released 4 solo projects within the space of 5 years and all of them have been certified as either ‘classic’ or ‘successful’. His two mixtapes Illegal Music 1 & Illegal Music 2 have greatly influenced the manner in which mixtapes are conceptualized and promoted in the country. As for his LPs Talk About It and M.I 2 are arguably the most successful rap albums in the history of Nigerian music. Not even Kanye West or Drake have dropped such great projects in a short number of time.
4) The best of Nigerian rap- M.I’s music possesses a dual core- it appeals to both rap lovers and pop lovers. Most rappers have trouble balancing the two sides, as a matter of fact it is seen as the holy grail of rappers. Many rappers never achieve this balance. Only greats can appeal to both sides and M.I is one of them. He is the biggest rapper that undeniably has this rare talent in Nigeria. This of course makes him the best of Nigerian rap…but of course you already knew that.
5) Who else?- O.K who else do you want to listen to than M.I? The other options aren’t exactly in his lane, he is years ahead of the pack. M.I is a tested brand that is known to deliver and rock your speakers. He has been known to dish out the good stuff with dropping the ball once so why change or experiment? The only rappers we suggest you listen to apart from M are Ice Prince and Jesse Jagz who both have the Choc Boi X-Factor. Go figure. Choc Bois Nation.

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