5 Health Benefits To Living A Sober Lifestyle


Alcohol addiction is considered a disease that can affect people no matter who they are. Even though a lot of studies have tried to link alcoholism to specific causes such as genetics, race and even $ex, it was never established what kind of attributes predispose someone to be more prone to alcoholism. If you’re struggling with this condition and don’t know how to start, you’re in the right place. Stopping drinking is no simple feat especially if you’re so deep into it. This article aims to enlighten you in a different way. If you’re not ready to take any medical or rehabilitative measures, it may help to know how being sober can benefit your health. Here are 5 health benefits to living a sober lifestyle that you should start considering:


  1. Your liver will thank you

Alcohol and liver damage always go hand in hand. Alcoholic drinks contains toxins that the body rids itself of by passing it through the liver. By drinking a lot of alcohol, you’re basically telling your organs to work overtime to cleanse your body. Working your liver too much could wear it down in the long run and affect other vital organs in your body. By being sober and drinking less (for a start), you give your vital organs a rest, allowing them to function properly and live longer.


  1. You will have better sleep

Some people drink to sleep, but if you drink too much, it’ll mess your sleeping patterns. Excessive drinking causes your body clock to shift because of the irregular bouts of energy you get from your drinking sessions. Staying up until early in the morning then sleeping so late in the afternoon can mess up your body clock and make it difficult for you to perform the next day. Alcoholism causes an erratic sleeping schedule that confuses your body, making you less productive during the day. Being sober helps you regain your normal sleeping pattern which your body will benefit from in a lot of ways.


  1. You will have increased energy

Alcohol acts as a depressant that works to make you drowsy and relaxed at certain doses. When you drink too much, your energy levels are affected. And as mentioned above, these irregularities in your energy levels can cause your sleeping pattern to be messed up. By sobering up, you spare yourself the negative effects of irregular sleep that will result in limited energy when you need it.


  1. Your skin will grow healthier

Excessive drinking can cause dehydration which makes your skin look old and wrinkly. Don’t let this happen to you. Alcohol can also cause your skin to experience temporary redness and puffiness, sometimes even allergies. When you start limiting your alcohol intake, your skin will start to go back to its healthy state, provided of course that you supplement your body properly. Drink lots of water, stay away from alcohol and you will feel your skin being thankful in the long run.


  1. Your mental health will be preserved

Your mental health is important as well as your physical health. Whatever you do to your physical body manifests in your mentality, and vice versa. By battling alcohol addiction to improve your physical health, you also do your mind a favor. Having a fit and healthy physical body allows you to better manage anxiety and depression too.


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