5 Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

A bottle of apple cider vinegar in the morning sun, with apples in the background
A bottle of apple cider vinegar in the morning sun, with apples in the background


Apple cider vinegar has been in the world for so long, and each day, new uses for it keep springing up.

As it is usually called, ACV possesses healthy, natural, and food remedies; as the name implies, apple cider vinegar is a fermented apple-based mixture. The apples are crushed and fermented into alcohol, resulting from the presence of yeast.

ACV contains several nutrients and compositions, which explains the numerous health benefits. It contains iron, amino acids, antioxidants, and phosphorus.

Apple cider vinegar possesses the following health benefits;

1. Aids weight loss

Make Apple cider vinegar your best friend if you desire to lose weight. ACV helps to reduce cravings and thus gives you a feeling of satiety, i.e., you do not feel hungry. People often take it with hot water and honey mixture.

2. Reduces cholesterol level

ACV contains natural antioxidants, which help lower blood pressure levels and lower cholesterol levels. For better results, it is advised that it is taken before having a meal.

3. Serves as a preservative

Apple cider vinegar kills bacteria. ACV contains acidic properties that help kill bacteria which may cause spoilage in food. This hack has lived over a thousand years on earth, where vinegar was used as a preserving agent.

4. Improves the skin

Although there is no scientific evidence to back this up, people say that apple cider vinegar helps treat sunburn, acne and because of this, it serves as a face toner. Efficient dilution with water before applying it to the skin is advised.

5. Treatment of dandruff

It is believed that apple cider vinegar stops the action of Malassezia, which is a fungus that causes dandruff. Appropriate dilution with water before massaging into the scalp is advised.

Apple cider vinegar is an ‘all rounder’ in its use, and it should be an absolute staple in every house. It is affordable and can be found in the nearest supermarket close to you.

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