4 Ways To Maintain Proper v**ina Hygiene After s*x


Vaginal hygiene after s*x is essential for proper health and to prevent infection.

Here are tips from experts on how to maintain proper v**ina hygiene after s*xual intercourse.

1.        Always try to urinate every time you engage in s*xual intercourse. This will prevent any bacteria from breeding that may be close to the urethra, and also avoid bacteria migrating to the kidneys to cause infection.

2.       If you have to wipe or clean the v**ina with toilet paper, do it carefully to avoid carrying bacteria from the anus or rectum into the v**ina.

3.       Wash the v**ina with a clean washcloth and warm water, especially after unprotected s*x. Start with the vulva, then wash inside the v**ina, and then move to the an*l area. Do not return the washcloth back to clean the vaginal area after washing the anus.

4.      If you are menstruating, then you might need to add a little odour free toilet soap to ensure through cleaning.

– Source: nobledoctors.com


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