4 Countries That Allow Women To Marry More Than One Husband

4 Countries That Allow Women To Marry More Than One Husband

The idea of women having more than one husband, Polyandry, is not widely known and besides, some cultures consider the idea as taboo.

However, there are certain cultures in some places that allow women to have more than one husband at a time.

Men can have more than one wife, this idea is widely known and besides, some cultures and religions allow it but the case is different when it comes to women.

However, there are about 4 places where women are allowed to marry or be with more than one husband.

1. India.

Polyandry is popularly known and practiced in some places in India. Polyandry is practiced in North India by Paharis in the Jaunsarbawar region. Besides, some tribes in India like the Toda tribe of Nilgris, Najanad Vellala of Travancore and Himachal justify and practice polyandry.

2. Kenya.

It is worthy of note that almost every country has its legal system and a law in one country may not be a law in another country. In Kenya, there are reported cases of polyandry and Kenya does not forbid her citizens from Polyandry.

In 2013, a case of two men who decided to marry a woman they love was reported and no legal action was taken against the men for practicing polyandry. Moreover, polyandry is also common among the Massai people in Kenya.

3. China.

With no iota of doubt, China is the most populated country in the world and there are several tribes in the country. The idea of polyandry is popular among the Tibet people in the Nepal parts of China.

The Tibet people in the Nepal parts of China believe that polyandry is a normal affair in the sense that a child can have more than one father. Polyandry is also common among poor families and they mostly practice polyandry when it comes to property division.

Male children who have issues in sharing the properties of their late parents can marry a woman so that they will build a family together.

4. South America.

For several years, polyandry has been considered a normal affair and up till today, many people are still practicing polyandry in South America. The Bororo tribe and Tupi-Kawahib in South America practice polyandry.

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