3 Ways that Law Firms are Using Car Accident Data to Win Cases

Car accidents are a regular occurrence in the US with many causing injuries to the parties involved and others ending up in loss of lives. In cases where the victim survives the mishaps, they often seek help from lawyers to enable them to get compensation from the company that insured the vehicle, or the owner of the vehicle that was involved in the accident. Experienced lawyers often file a claim against the careless driver after gathering enough information on the case. Most of the information is provided by close family members, police reports, eyewitness interviews, and even car accident data specific to the state.


Typically, winning a vehicle accident case rests on the ability of the lawyer to convince the judge and jury that their client deserves compensation. However, as accident cases in the fifty states in the US become complex, lawyers have had to turn to data to prove their case. Some of the data a law firm can use to win vehicle accident cases include:

1)  Record of accidents in a crash area



If an area has a high number of accidents according to the available data, lawyers can look into the factors that contribute to the car crashes. These contributing factors give them an idea of the possible cause of the accident. The attorneys, in turn, use the information in crafting a case that puts the negligent entities at fault. In some cases, the data may reveal that the accused has been involved in previous accidents making it likely that they are a repeat offender.

2)  Location of car crashes



The area in which a car accident occurs can be of interest to lawyers especially if the data

points to it having a high frequency of crashes. Most times, the cause of the collision can be due

to human negligence or the actual spot in which the accidents take place. Law firms can launch

investigations into the major causes of accidents in the area to help them come up with a

winning strategy for their client. A combination of reports from their investigations as well as the

police report often reveals information to help win the case. Overall, the use of data on car

accidents in the state can make the difference between a New Jersey Law Firm winning a case

for their client or losing to the opposing team.

3) Age of drivers  



Finally, car accident data often provides information on individuals involved in the majority of crashes in the area. Younger drivers often cause accidents because they are distracted or are under the influence of alcohol resulting in them making poor decisions on the road. Most times, lawyers use the data to guide them on areas that they should focus on when building their case. If the data points to the driver being intoxicated at the time of the accident, then they might ask for a report to confirm if that was the case and use the information to win the case.


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