3 Qualities You MUST Have To Save Your Relationship


Don’t forget these often over-looked but SUPER important qualities for a happy relationship.

It’s common knowledge that kindness, honesty and respect are necessary ingredients for a good relationship. However, there are three other qualities that are often overlooked that are just as important. They can actually SAVE your relationship.

If you master these three qualities, your relationships will have a much better chance of lasting a lifetime:

1. Open-Mindedness

This means you’re willing to consider new ideas — unprejudiced, by definition.

No matter how many relationships you’ve had, it’s always an adjustment to deal with a man with different interests and opinions than your own. You’ll find yourself thinking, I can’t believe he thinks this is a good way to spend his time. Or, Why does he always react that way? It makes no sense.

It’s difficult to accept or respect someone else’s point of view — especially when, to you, it just seems wrong. We think our partners should think and feel the way we do, a belief that causes major conflict for couples.

You may feel compelled to correct your partner, pointing out why what they think is wrong and why what you think is right, but persuasion usually fails.

Open-mindedness requires that you don’t judge what’s right for someone else based on what’s right for you. It asks that you put the judgment aside and accept/appreciate a different point of view.

2. Patience

When you’re patient, you can accept challenges without getting angry. That’s huge!

Not only should you have patience towards your partner, but patience towards yourself is equally as important.

When you form an intimate bond with a man, he becomes a lightening rod for your anger and frustration simply because he’s there and accessible. Anger is one of the biggest love destroyers (primarily when it’s misused and misdirected). When you project your anger onto him, it comes out as blame and criticism.

It takes a lot of self-awareness to catch yourself doing it and to have the patience to accept him as he is. When you cultivate patience, you create more peace in your life and in your relationship — you both feel like you’re on the same team.

Of course, at times, your partner will trigger your emotions and make you want to lash out, but patience enables you to take a breath and decide to react differently.

3. Generosity

When you’re generous, you give more than expected.

As children, we’re taught about how to share with others. But if you didn’t learn to share and be generous early, it’s not too late to learn.

Being generous to your man will enhance his sense of safety and comfort. After all, we all want to feel special to our partners and know that we’re worth the extra care and effort. Generosity enables you to go beyond and create a strong and supportive connection. After all, there’s nothing more attractive than a person with a generous spirit.

Mastering these three qualities will save your relationship and enhance every aspect of your life. It may take some trial and error, but once you master them, you’ll know how to have the relationship of your dreams.

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