29-year-old man gang-Rap£d by two women at ‘snake point’


A 29-year-old man from Karoi district in Kenyan has reportedly been abducted and gang-Rap£d by two women who threatened him with a snake and a gun.

The police spokesperson for the Kenya police, Senior Assistant Commissioner, Charity Charamba who confirmed the Rap£ said efforts were on to apprehend the two women, who indecently assaulted the man after offering him a lift from Magunje Growth Point to Karoi.

“Police are investigating a case of aggravated indecent assault in which two women ordered a 29-year-old man to have S£xual intercourse with one of them while the other one was holding a live snake and pistol,” Charamba affirmed.
Charamba further disclosed that the 29-year-old was Rap£d in a Toyota Raum vehicle shortly after he was offered a lift, adding that the vehicle was driven by a middle-aged woman who was in company of another woman.

The police spokesperson added that on getting to a lonely stretch along the road, the driver pulled up, pretending she wanted to check the car’s tyre.

Charamba said the driver continued the journey and after a while she turned into a bushy area and that there, the other woman brought out a snake and a gun while ordering the 29-year-old man to have S£x with them.

One of the women was alleged to have forced the man into swallowing S£xual enhancement pill before committing the act.


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