20 Questions To Ask Yourself As 2016 Gets To An End [MUST READ]


It turns my stomach when i hear people do that ‘New year New Me’ BS (BS is how we cool kids say bull sh1t) every year.Don’t get me wrong trying to turn a new life as the new year comes isn’t a bad thing at all but i believe if you have to wait for a new year to come before you change then you’re not serious.

Before these year ends ask yourself these questions and start assessing yourself

1. Which friends have been there for you the most in 2016?

2. What are you most grateful for as this year draws to a close?

3. What made you feel the most alive this year?

4. What did you do this year that you regret?

5. What do you hope will be different for you by this time next year?

6. What’s the most important thing you learned this year?

7. If you could go back and give yourself a single piece of advice on the first day of 2016, what would it be?

8. How did you grow as a person over the past year?

9.Who might you owe an apology to at the end of this year?

10. What disappointed you the most in 2016?

11. Which (if any) new years resolutions did you keep this year?

12. Which (if any) new years resolutions will you be making for next year?

13. How did this year differ from the way you thought it would go?

14. How would you describe your personal style over the past year?

15. Who in your life did you look up to the most this year?

16. What did you waste too much money on this year?

17. What do you wish you’d spent more time doing this year?

18. What do you wish you’d spent less time doing?

19. What did you accomplish this year that you’re proud of?

20. Which days from 2016 will you never forget?


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