20 Princes Jostle To Become Next Alaafin Of Oyo, See Their Names


20 Princes Jostle To Become Next Alaafin Of Oyo, See Their Names

Twenty princes from twenty eight ruling families are contesting to emerge as the next Alaafin of Oyo.

The Agunloye Ruling House have called on the Oyo Mesi (kingmakers) to pick the next Alaafin of Oyo from among the princes from the families.

According to Punch, the deadline set for the submission of applications end on Friday (today).

The Head of the Mogaji Isale Oja Agunloye, Abdukareem Ishaq, told our correspondent on Thursday in Oyo that Agunloye gave birth to 29 children and the family of just one of the children, Lawani Agogo Ija, had produced Alaafin three times.

He said it was now the turn of one of the 28 families of Agunloye to produce the next Alaafin.

He said 20 princes had shown interest to occupy the throne while urging the kingmakers to be fair so that the remaining 28 royal families would not be pushed out from those who have the right to occupy the throne.

He said, “It is our turn to produce the next Alaafin and we are calling on the Oyo Mesi to be fair in this case. Those on the other side have been saying it is their turn again and we find this disturbing.

“Alaafin Adelu Agunloye was the first son of Alaafin Abiodun Atiba, who established the present Oyo. Agunloye gave birth to 29 children and Alaafin Ajuwo Lawani Agogo Ija family has been the only family producing Alaafin since then and neglecting the other 28.

“The remaining 28 families are: Tela Baba Ilaka; Akee Amulegboja; Agboyin Alayo Ayo; Ajuwon Loja; Tela Irinborogidi; Olanniba Baba Mosalasi; Akee Abanikanda; Afonja (Aburo Abanikanda) and Tela Arowona.

“Others are Afonja Arowona Ile Ilugbenka; Agboyin Arowona; Ajuwo Sanni; Ajuwon Aliyi; Tela Arowojemosa; Tela Ibrahim; Adeoye Ileolokuta and Tela Aseseruogun.

“They also include Tela Adeoti Olusami Lajire; Oyelegnin Ilaka; Tela Isheke; Tela Olookun (Aremoye Agunloye); Tela Lagbaja (Ile Tetu); Adetunji Ile Awonwon; Akadiri Baba Omo Adegboolu; Adeniran Baba Salami Ilaka; Akee Akadiri (Abidekun Agunloye); Tela Iyalamu and Ajuwon Adeniregun.

“Our children have applied to me and they are 20 in number. They are from these 28 families whose turn it is to produce the next Alaafin. I think some may still show their interest but tomorrow (Friday) is the closing date we fixed for submission of application.”

He said the families had princes who have excelled in various fields and who have deep knowledge of tradition and culture and the carriage to succeed Oba Lamidi Adeyemi.

“Although we are making an appeal now but we are ready to take the case to court if we are sidelined this time round. The three Alaafin produced by the Agunloye Ruling House were from one family. So, they should pick the next Alaafin from one of us.

“Our aim is to further develop Oyo town, we want companies to be established here and to make life better for everyone. The state government should also ensure that justice and fairness prevail,” he added.

Recall that the stool became vacant following the death of Oba Adeyemi on April 22 at the age of 83.

Oba Adeyemi was produced by the Alowolodu Ruling House and according to the law, the next ruling house to produce the next Alaafin is the Agunloye Ruling House.


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