2 University Students Caught Having s*x On Street To Celebrate 19th Birthday


People took photos of two students in China having s*x at a bus stop. They were seen having s*x in public outside the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, before being chased away by police. Scoop reports:

Photos of their romp were uploaded to the Internet, which quickly went viral. The photos showed the two having s*x on the sidewalk near the bus stop on Fat Kong Street in Ho Man Tin.

The man from Mongolia and his girlfriend from Beijing, were reportedly celebrating the man’s 19th birthday at a bar before heading home. Around 4:00 a.m., they decided to have s*x in public.

Passersby took photos of the couple. One showed the woman kneeling in front of the man, while another showed him on top of her.

The couple’s s*x session went on for 45 minutes, until police arrived and ordered them to stop. No arrests were made.

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