11 Photos From The EndSars Campaign That You Must See (MUST WATCH)


11 Photos From Endsars campaign that you must see. Watch as a SARS officer shoots a young man who was alleged to be a yahoo boy on the leg. The SARS operatives are making Nigerians angry due to their brutality and wickedness, this made Nigerians go on twitter to protest against the SARS brutality using #Endsars. This video you are about to watch was recorded by a witness. Watch and share
[youtube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aM4KBww8eSM ?feature=oembed]


  1. #End stupid fucking mad tout called them selfs sars, we are tired of everyday harrasment, beating, killings and panic for some government goats, we don’t need you fucking government with stupid democracies, #end Sars or it turn up to war, cause we ain’t gonna backoff on this, wars is coming if you don’t find a solution to this I swear on my fucking life^ยค.


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