10 Types Of Nigerian Teachers We All Came Across In Secondary School


teacherclassroompupilsxgoldSecondary school was amazing! In our journey through secondary school, we all encountered some crazy Nigerian teachers. Here are the most interesting ones.


1. The Disciplinarian:

This one was usually very strict and never hesitated to use the cane. Their classes were usually very quiet, and most people just sat in fear never really understanding anything. Everyone studied extra hard for their exams and tests because nobody wanted to face their wrath. They always gave the worst physical punishments too.

2. The Clueless Ones
These ones usually had no idea what they were teaching and frequently consulted the textbook during lessons. Their classes were usually very boring and if they were asked any questions their steady reply was ‘that’s your assignment, find out yourself’.

3. The Off-Point Teacher
These ones always went off point during lessons. Most of the time, they talked about their personal life and gave unsolicited advice that nobody cared about.

4. Dry Jokers
This one always found a way to slip in dry jokes. Nobody ever laughed, or just pretended to laugh, but they never stopped cracking the jokes.

5. The Hilarious One
This one always had really interesting classes. All the students loved them, and they cracked great jokes.

6. The Hot One
This one was usually very hot and had a great body. Students always had crushes on them, and everyone wanted to be their favourite.

7. The Boring One
These ones taught boring subjects and were never bright or lively. Their classes were usually a snoozefest and people usually had average grades.

8. The Oversabi Master
This one always did too much oversabi. Ensured all the rules were followed and never gave room for any spontaneity in their lessons. Their life goal was to become principal or Head of the department. They also walked into classrooms randomly to enforce order and even other teachers did not like them.

9. The Entrepreneur
These ones were always selling one thing or the other in school, and they often made students run errands for them. They were usually nice though and gave students treats sometimes. They really cared about money, and would often lament about how little their salary is.

10. The Gossip
These ones were talkative and they always wanted to know what was going on in the classroom and who was dating who. They also never kept their mouths shut and were responsible for most of the gossip in school.

What kind of teachers did you encounter in your secondary school days? Tell us in the comments!


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