10 Signs A Guy Is Unlucky With Girls


1. He doesn’t care about grooming.
If a guy doesn’t care about the way he looks , hair clothes bla bla. Na so girls go just they pass no even the occasional staring like okada light.

2. He doesn’t touch or hold girls
He is too uptight Nd too careful about his personal, he doesn’t like to move near women or he is scared to do so, girls like to b touched,held Nd cuddled Nd if u dnt do so well.

3. He has a dirty room or apartment
He doesn’t care about his apartment being neat, just lives like a squirrel in a tree

4. His friends has no female friends
If a guys friends doesn’t av female friends chances are he too is in the same predicament, show me ur friend Nd I will tell u who u are. Birds of d same feathers flock together

5. The guy has no packaging or branding
I dnt tink I nid to stress on this one just forget it if u d guy doesn’t av

6. He can’t put his ego down sometimes
Girls like too prove, if u can’t put ur ego down sometimes Nd just agree with her or do sometins dat u shouldn’t do in d first place.

7.he is too serious about girls Nd doesn’t check them out
One tin is girls like playing, all of them

8. He is too shy Nd scared of talking to girls

9. He doesn’t av that one tin dat differentiate him from oda guys

10. His kitchen or toilet is always dirty
Agreed u may nt cook but gals like to check out guys kitchens, I dnt knw wy but they do


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