10 Reasons Why Long Courtship Should Be Avoided By Ladies


When a man shows interest in a lady and tells her that he would love to know her better,most times in his heart this is exactly what he is saying: “Hi lady, can i get to have a taste of your goody-bag and have the feel of your body to know if you are good enough in bed and decide if i should keep you for long or dump your ass in a jiffy because i don’t really care whether we end up together or not”.

I honestly don’t believe in dating and even as courtship sounds more reasonable,it is still not really necessary and i will try to list logical reasons why ladies should avoid this lie from the pits of hell called dating or courtship and i hope you learn a great deal from this.

1. A man usually knows if there is a huge possibility of marrying you or just want to use you to pass time the very first day he sets his eyes on you and a man who is really interested in a purposeful affair with you will give you the sign almost immediately with the body language except you refuse to be vigilant.

2. Many Men use dating and courtship as a means of exploring you S£xually and probably after he realizes that your bosoms are not as firm as he wants them to be or your S£x performance is below what he wants or after he has really used you to his satisfaction then he tells you it can’t work out because his mum does not want him to marry from your tribe or just brings up any lame excuse and decides to walk away to get another lady to “date”

3. An Angel can turn to a demon: Many people have argued that dating period is a period where you will know the type of person you have but this assertion is very funny because a good person can turn terrible and most times even if the person seems bad many ladies will still go on and marry him with the hope of changing him.

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