10 Photos From Libya Slave Trade That You Must See (MUST WATCH)


10 Photos of Libya Slave Trade That You Must See. Watch a Victory a man from Edo State Nigeria is among one of the slaves captured from Libya as he narrates his story and some other photos from the Libya slave trade. Watch, comment and share.


  1. this most stop Nigeria most do something to it.
    our people was sold to foreign land for hard work which is not good our leaders most do something about it.
    Nigerians are among the people that was sold as slavery we most fight for our youth in Libya that was sold away.
    why did out President being mute about this he most act and fight for our taken away.
    we African most unite and fight for our peoples.
    this slave trade was stopped years ago why sudden foolish act of Libya we most stop this and make sure we have our peoples back.
    and to further more about this issues Nigeria government most not even deer to think about this shit going on.
    because if they do and thay start selling people like pieces of meat we are gonna kill our self.
    buhari must do something about this shit.
    bring back our youths.

  2. who want to be a slave will be a slave.u fantasised of easy life somewhere and the next day you setout on a journey through the Sahara desert,what stupidity!Any journey that takes u through the desert is coursed already.To me,they can be sold a thousand times over as slaves.


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