10 Perplexing Questions on BokoHaram


1- Who is feeding the over 250 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram?
2- Who did the contract for the supply of over 100 Hijabs that the kidnapped girls were wearing?
3- How is Boko Haram feeding its hundreds of fighters?
4- Where is Boko Haram getting the supply of the arms they use to kill people?
5- Who is fueling the over 50 vehicles Boko Haram use in conducting their attacks?
6- Who is providing Boko Haram with internet to upload videos of over 30 minutes on YouTube when there is no network in the sambisa forest ?
7- How does Boko Haram manage to travel in a convoy of over fifty vehicles and motorcycles in a state that is under “state of emergency” without being noticed?
8- Why does the foreign media know more about Boko Haram than our government and local media?
9- If Boko Haram is a Northern or Muslim agenda to make Nigeria ungovernable for Jonathan, why are they killing Islamic scholars and threatening to kill prominent Northern politicians?
10- If Boko Haram truly want people to join Islam, why are they killing the Muslims?


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