10 Bad Behaviors That Make Men Dump Their Girl Friends

2. Visiting his workplace: This is quite a sensitive issue as most ’t like their girlfriends dropping in at their workplaces without being told. It is only if you are in a steady relationship from a long time or engaged that you can take the liberty of dropping into your man’s workplace uninformed.

3. Bringing up marriage: If you have been in a relationship for a long time, it’s but natural that you will talk about marriage and settling down at some point. You may have a conversation about this once but ’t bring up the topic again and again. You will be at a loss if your man gets irritated by the same conversation taking place repetitively. It’s not that are averse to commitment; it’s just that they take some time in taking these important decisions.

4. Pretending to be someone: If there is anything that hate, it is lies and hypocrisy. Many women make the blunder of pretending to be what they are not in reality. For instance, if you ’t like putting on makeup and dressing too much for a party, ’t do it just for him. He will immediately sense your discomfort. He would much rather appreciate and your honesty and expect you to be what you are.

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